Pre-Shoot Consultation

All sessions include an email, phone or an in-person consultation to plan out your session. This pre-shoot consultation is as much for you as it is for me - I want you to feel comfortable and confident in our team as I know it takes a lot of courage just to book your session. At this time we will talk about the look and feel of your session and discuss topics like wardrobe ideas, as well as makeup and hair inspiration. This is our time to take note of important dates and answer all of your questions or concerns.

A wardrobe and styling guide is provided for you to gather inspiration and find wardrobe pieces for your photo shoot. We also provide you with exclusive lingerie discounts that we have been given by our favourite shops for you to use. If you have concerns about finding the best wardrobe for your body, contact us to help find you the right fit!

We also provide you with a pre-shoot prep guide and a ton of information to answer all your boudie questions!



Photo Shoot Day

Sessions take place in our home studio located in Aurora, ON. We have created a space to allow you to escape from your everyday environment, into an oasis made just for you to relax, enjoy and to be comfortable with yourself and to feel beautiful!

Our professional and talented makeup artist, Jessica, will be in studio to create the perfect camera ready look for you. You are welcome to bring in any makeup looks you love as inspiration for your own look during your shoot. Hairstyling is also included.

We want to give you the best photo shoot experience you have ever had! Emilie is great at making any woman feel comfortable in front of the camera (clients couldn't believe she got them to take off their bra!). No need to panic, she will guide you through each pose and most often she'll do them with you. We are your cheerleaders throughout your session because we already know you rock!

A boudoir session with Emilie Dee Boudoir Studio typically lasts about 3 hours. This is plenty of time to get everything we need and much more. Unlimited wardrobe looks are available within the session time (we recommend 4-5 outfits) along with a variety of set changes to create a nice variety in your images.

Professional, high quality retouching on all your best images is included. Our retouching philosophy is not about changing you, but rather about making you look your best. Basic retouching includes skin smoothing, stray hair, blemishes, bruises and fine lines removal as well as minor "lumps and bumps" alterations due to wardrobe and posing. Tattoo and scar removal is available upon request.



The Reveal Session

One week after your session, we will set up a reveal date where you will review a selection of fully-retouched images from your session for the very first time. Most often clients are genuinely surprised by how good everything has turned out. Some feel a slight shock and need time to look over their images. After the first presentation, we will go through each of your images individually and select your favourites. Here you will be able to curate products to showcase your boudoir images or choose from our luxury product packages that suit your goals for the shoot and your lifestyle. Boudoir albums are the most popular, especially for gift giving! Production time and delivery is approximately 4 weeks for photo albums. Fully re-touched hi-resolution digital images are available for immediate purchase.




"My philosophy of a boudoir photo shoot is that

a boudoir session is not only a photo shoot. it is an experience that every woman deserves. 

It is where you can celebrate your body, your achievements and your journey. It is a time to feel beautiful, too feel good, and to feel sexy. A time where you can let go of insecurities and fuel your inspirations. A time to put away excuses and to bring out your strength. It is okay to take time for yourself - you need to. This time is all for you, take it and love it!" 

- Emilie